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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

#16.1—Update! 8:27

They're here. I am feeling better about my Italian, as I was able to communicate the problems to Marco who is like a big teddy bear...sometimes cliches are accurate.

And in fact, there is one big problem with the plumbing so I am not an idiot...although I do confess to having a bit of the Howard Hughes aversion to germs.
Something really funny: There was a sign in Italian inside the front door describing what do to with the different types of trash. I struggled for many minutes trying to figure it out. Just now, Anna and I went down to read it. And there was a sign in English right next to it. I have gotten so used to struggling through Italian instructions that I didn't even see the English.

On the washer instructions, it sounded funny to have Anna ask for the libretto...instruction booklet. I had always thought of a libretto in connection with operas. I am reminded of the Zen saying, First enlightenment, then the dishes.

I'm off to school. I must be having a good time when it's fun dealing with plumbing and garbage.

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